We are a practice that enjoys both contemporary and heritage projects equally, finding that one informs the other, adding a layer of richness to both. This aspect was fully explored when working on this grand house.

Rob Mills

Illustrating the way in which RMA embraces a clear client brief, this exemplary house is the third consecutive build for a Belgian family who wanted their home in Australia to resonate with European references.

The process of research drew on the practice’s fascination with ancient architectural principles and examined how order, structure, geometry and hierarchy play out in contemporary life.

This is a building of finely tuned proportion, where the scale is carefully managed to impart both grandeur and intimacy, the relationship to the outdoor space is maintained and the balance of open plan versus “rooms” finds equilibrium.

Central to the success of the project is the level of craftsmanship deployed throughout the building. RMA drew together a team that included the skills of Portuguese stonemasons, Italian renderers and British cabinet-makers, and sourced the very best imported tiles, mantelpieces, timbers, fabrics and fittings. As a result, the authenticity of every surface and every touch point has been ensured, and the bespoke finishes showcase the attention to detail.

The practice is aware that key material choices speak to the structural integrity of the space and these, combined with a high level of craft and an ability to source globally, have resulted in a distinctive home where all the elements align.

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