“Architects design spaces for people.” Words given to Rob Mills by his grandfather.

This simple truth continues to define our practice today. While RMA’s architecture may exude a sculptural, spiritual or sophisticated quality, its purpose is actually elemental. We create architecture that inspires and protects.

Principles of form, materiality and aesthetics are in the service of your wellbeing – for today and for generations to follow.

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Healthy design

We know that healthy homes harness the elements of light, air and space. This is why we concentrate on thoughtful floor plans and efficient layouts with acoustic, thermal, solar and sustainable qualities at the core.

We create a delicate balance between landscape, architecture and interiors which delivers joy, wellness and a connection with nature. We deliver a place to truly feel at peace. A home.

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Part of the landscape

A connection with nature lies at the heart of living well.

Whether a grand estate, a coastal property or an urban residence, the importance of a landscape is always considered early in our architectural process.

The beauty of an ordered garden. The spirit of an untamed wilderness. The sounds of wind and water. From the inside out, your home is a place to thrive.

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