South Yarra is the most sought-after residential location in Melbourne and we have been fortunate enough to be commissioned to do a considerable number of quality boutique apartment buildings in this suburb, mainly because we are experts in designing apartment living.

Rob Mills

The brief was to design three whole-floor apartments in this South Yarra building and give each apartment its own character and unique finishes. The aesthetic is lean, spare and pared back, with a concentration on finishes that are both traditional and contemporary.

Right from the entrance, the statement made by the natural light and natural order is evident. Clean lines and smooth surfaces that allow the eye to travel uninterrupted, often to exterior views, has become a RMA signature as it evokes calm.

The main living areas are generous and seamless, with limestone floors linking spaces effortlessly, benchtops drawn out for linear effect and storage in a wall of sliding blond-veneer panels that are discrete and functional. Yet there are also surprise elements, such as the powder room in one apartment, which features black Marmorino polished plaster with a gold wax on the walls.

The RMA aesthetic is evidence that boutique apartments can be as glamorous and spacious as any home and provide a clear model for inner-city living.

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