This is an example of RMA delivering the proportion and scale of our one-off residential designs in an apartment building.

Rob Mills

This exclusive low-rise development has all the RMA signature elements that make it so attractive to clients: the extensive use of glazing, the sophisticated material palette and the deft hand that connects urban space to natural elements.

There is a sense of arrival through a glazed podium, which creates the appearance of a floating first floor and gives the building a feeling of lightness and transparency.

The generous apartments within reveal a formality and symmetry with 3.3-metre-high ceilings, natural light and views of greenery, be it hedges or treetops. The penthouses engage with outdoor space through a connection to expansive terraces by landscaper Paul Bangay.

The interior specifications marry restraint and glamour, with Flexform furnishings and Viabizzuno lighting. “We always think about the quality of life we can bring to our clients, and how they will delight in the space,” says Rob Mills.

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Rma milswyn frontal
Millswyne Hero
Rma Gabriel Saunders Millswyn Ssw Vignette 01
Rma Gabriel Saunders Millswyn Ssw Outside In
Millswyn Bedroom Terrace Final
Rma Millswyn Ssw Living
170901 Millswyn V07 Hero Dusk Final Copy
Millswyn Staircase
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