Sustainability has always been at the core of RMA.

That’s because what we fundamentally do is create sustainable architecture – that is, residences of enduring value. Our residences are designed to provide comfort, wellbeing and great living for generations.

For us, true sustainability does not diminish quality. Quite the opposite; lasting value demands lasting quality. This is how we achieve that:

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Healthy materials

We not only make sure the materials we select are responsibly sourced – but we also want to ensure they are healthy to live with.

Our stone, glass and timber are sourced from trusted supply chains, and are toxin free. We seek out green tag certified products with low or zero toxic ingredients. Paints, glues and sealants are chosen for low VOCs and formaldehyde. We research extensively and test each product to ensure our residences will provide healthy air quality long into the future.

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Intelligent design

Our architecture has efficiency at the core.

We design for considered floor plans, passive solar heating and cooling, and natural cross ventilation. We favour high-quality water-saving plumbing fittings and fixtures as well as water harvesting, and purification systems with high-performance low-E glazing. Everything combines through seamless technology and the generation of electricity by solar panels.

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Urban heritage

Our design approach has always been driven by the quality of the land. Challenging ourselves to improve urban density, we often work with small footprints of land and not always surrounded by nature. As such, we are inspired by the forms of the city – its light, form, sound and character.

Heritage architecture also plays a significant role within RMA. We engage delicately with the history and culture of existing homes – working with the existing built context and transforming it through the latest in Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD).

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Global thinking

We are engaged with today’s best practices and tomorrow’s new thinking.

Our people are active participants in discussions around sustainability in architecture. We’re an international practice with a global outlook – purpose-driven to create residences for our clients with an intelligent, healthy and long future in mind.

The essence of sustainability.

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