The success of this building is that we maintained the integrity of this dignified heritage building while transforming the interior from a traditional and conservative floorplan into absolutely contemporary apartments.

Rob Mills

RMA worked to the developer’s brief to create two, 460 square metre apartments which would suit the requirements of active, downsizing couples and accommodate visits from family.

In a coveted location adjoining Melbourne’s Botanic Gardens and Domain, South Yarra Residences are two new whole floor apartments elegantly contained behind the preserved façade of two pre-existing, adjacent Georgian Revival townhomes. From the façade, it is impossible to perceive the extent of the change that was undertaken with the utmost sensitivity and deft execution.

RMA nurtured this concept, working with class leading heritage consultants and fostering trust at every stage of the approvals. Heritage convention would dictate preserving two original rooms, but RMA was successful in gaining community approval to completely re-build, preserving only the façade and adding a discreet, integrated steel and glazing structure to the south west.

Capitalising on the remarkable nature in the Domain just across the street, the beauty of the mature native trees has been brought into the living spaces through framing the views in the structure of the new addition and the provision of outdoor living.

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