Great land is at the heart of all good living. It is precious. It is rare.

And it is no longer possible to wait for great land to come to you. At RMA, we unearth land on behalf of our clients around the world.

We seek sites as close to wilderness as possible, whether by the coast, nestled within the countryside, or enveloped by the treelines of urban parklands.

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Unearthing the exceptional

The essence of every great build is drawn from the quality of the land.

Whether we source a piece of land on your behalf or we work with a property presented to us, our journey begins with understanding its unique properties. Its form, its light, its sounds – these are the natural foundations that underpin our exploration of ideas. It’s why we sketch on site. And it's how we connect your new home with the natural world.

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City residences require a balance between the pace of urban living and our need for sanctuary, privacy and calm. We find land in metropolitan settings where we can create this balance as a visual and acoustic oasis – with access to natural light, fresh air and green connections.

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Living by the coast is to experience the elemental. We source land by the ocean where we can design for views unencumbered by artificial forms. Here, we can embrace direct connections with trees, sea air, sky and open water towards the horizon.

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From raw, untamed landscapes to mannered estates with cultivated tree-lined drives, RMA is well-practised in creating rural properties with a deep connection to place. Through our extensive networks, we secure the ideal land to create a new country estate.

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