RMA is proud to have the opportunity to design a major apartment building on this rare and tightly held site opposite Melbourne’s celebrated Royal Botanic Gardens.

Rob Mills

The challenge for this site was that it was flanked on either side by heavily glazed buildings that overlooked the property – hence the design had to deliver privacy as well as responding to the view of the gardens.

Drawing on the lessons from Armadale Residence, Rob Mills introduced massive blade walls to act as blinkers and brought light in from above through the use of generous skylights.

The three apartments facing the park have deep, protective balconies, which direct views to the greenery beyond, while the massive penthouse roof terrace is complete with pool and garden.

The building code, which allows for architectural features above 12 metres, has been maximised to add to the quality of the building design and what it gives back to the street.

In addition, a rear mews allows access to a four-storey apartment building to be sited adjacent to the main three park-facing apartments.

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Rma andersonst complex notrees
Rma andersonst complex notrees
Kaye 9418 HR1
Kaye 9335 HR1
Kaye 9328 HR1
Kaye 9403 HR1
Kaye 9238 HR1
Kaye 9196 HR1
Kaye 9280 HR1
Kaye 9364 HR1
Kaye 9380 HR1
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Kaye 9386 HR1
Kaye 9322 HR1
Kaye 9401 HR1
Anderson Street Rooftop
Anderson Street Apt3 Rooftop
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