Within your residence, we want to enrich the everyday.

While the architectural form makes a statement, it is the interior design that creates an experience. Light and shadow. Curves and geometry. Tones and texture.

Our architectural and interiors team work together to create a holistic experience, completed by drawing on the prestige of leading brands and artisans.

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Materials of choice

When used wisely and well, the right combination of materials lays the foundation for enriching interiors. At RMA, we prefer materials that deliver a sensory experience, both visual and tactile. Many of our residences favour the honesty and longevity of stone, wood, steel, brass, glass and stucco.

We want to create an environment to heighten the senses and grow with you over time.

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Defining décor

Furniture, lighting, art and textiles present the opportunity for a home to declare its character.

RMA’s interiors team brings years of experience to make a statement through colour, form, flow and comfort. We will work with you to curate the right selection with pedigree, longevity and inherent style, always mindful of which pieces interact best with one another.

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