Your experience with RMA is a journey. It begins here, and it ends long after you move in to your new home. Our experience begins with you; listening, learning and understanding.

We see the experience as a collaborative, considered and complete. It is holistic. It is based on fundamental truths. And ultimately it rewards with something beyond great architecture.

We create great living.

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Experience Land

The essence of every great build is drawn from the quality of the land.

Whether we source a piece of land on your behalf, or we work with a property presented to us, our journey begins with understanding its unique properties. Its form, its light, its sounds – these are the natural foundations which underpin our exploration of ideas. It’s why we sketch on site. Our experience of the land informs all which follows.

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Experience Architecture

“Architects design spaces for people.” Words given to Rob Mills by his grandfather.

This simple truth continues to define his practice today. While the architecture may exude a sculptural, spiritual or sophisticated quality, its purpose is actually elemental. We create architecture that inspires and protects. Principals of form, materiality and aesthetics are in the service of your wellbeing – for today, and for generations to follow.

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Experience Interiors

Within your residence, we want to enrich the everyday.

Light and shadow. Curves and geometry. Tones and texture. Our holistic approach to architecture puts interior design and styling at the heart of your experience. Considered and completed by drawing on the work of leading brands and artisans, we work to create an environment which will heighten the senses, and grow with you over time.

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Experience Gardens

A connection with nature lies at the heart of living well.

We not only design architecture and interiors to connect you with the landscape; we bring our vision to the design of that landscape. In this way we consider your complete experience. The beauty of an ordered garden. The spirit of an untamed wilderness. The sounds of wind and water. From the inside out, your home is a place to thrive.

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A Holistic Experience

How do we ensure your experience is realised? By providing project management.

We take pride in going beyond other architectural practices to deliver a complete turn-key service that includes architecture, interiors, landscaping and contract administration. Crucially, and uniquely, we also project manage. We want your experience, from first sketch to final handover, to be as seamless and joyful as your new home.

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A Collaborative Experience

We believe in the tradition of craft, and the value of collaboration.

That extends beyond the industry-leading craftspeople we work with to achieve your vision. It includes you, our patron. We’re on a journey together, constantly learning, excited by possibility, bound by trust, and driven by a common goal. That’s why we take the time to get know our clients, and to create a couture home which reflects them.

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A Living Experience

We know that healthy homes harness the elements of light, air and space.

This is why we concentrate on thoughtful floorplans and efficient layouts with acoustic, thermal, solar and sustainable qualities at the core. As the global profile of RMA continues to rise, it is these detailed decisions which continue to occupy our focus. Our experience in architecture leads to your experience of a better life. It begins here.

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