Due to the importance of this site on Aireys Inlet, with its uninterrupted views along the Victorian west coast cliff line and towards Eagle Rock, the high-calibre land carries a significant responsibility for the architect.

Rob Mills

The brief is to design a house that engenders a sense of belonging, where the family can gather and share precious time together. The client also envisages it lasting for generations, passed in perpetuity from one generation to the next.

RMA’s experience in designing coastal houses, such as Ocean House, will inform all our decisions, and research and development will drive the design to new solutions.

“The harsh marine environment will test even the best materials, so RMA will undergo a rigorous selection process that balances robustness and longevity with aesthetic demands.”

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"We engaged Rob Mills for several reasons, which were his designs, experience building along the Australian coastline and his proven ability to successfully gain council approvals"


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