The success of this project reflects our clients’ steadfast faith in our proven processes. The result will be one of Sydney’s signature new residences.

Rob Mills

Our clients’ land had remained untouched for 20 years, principally because it features three 150-year-old Morton Bay Fig trees. We unlocked the potential of this land by designing sensitively, and by working with an arborist to craft a home which both respects these iconic trees and delivers a living space for a modern lifestyle.

This project demonstrates the reputation of RMA in Sydney’s most prestigious locations. Our design won the support of neighbours and council alike in just under five months. For comparison, this process in this location usually takes more than a year. In fact, so confident were we in the council’s support that our team began documenting prior to a decision being delivered, saving months of construction time.

Since day one, our client has enjoyed certainty of time, cost and quality. This is an experience which only RMA can deliver.

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Formal Living
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