Il nostro progetto per Byron Bay non sarebbe possible da nessun’ altra parte. È basato unicamente sulla terra su cui verrà costruito.

Rob Mills

During 2020, Rob Mills secured approval for a world-class residence in Byron Bay, with the council unanimously endorsing our approach. This was a significant achievement for RMA, and one which epitomises our standing in Australia’s most coveted locations.

Embracing Byron Bay’s wonderful temperate climate, the glazed façade is opened in warmer months, with no barriers between interiors and landscape. In winter, the house cocoons. By contrast, the garden pavilion by the pool is always open to sea breezes.

There is a purity to the central pavilion’s geometry. Its grandeur and theatre sweeps you within, then offers an intimacy at a human scale, before the grand scale returns as the building opens out to embrace the landscape beyond.

Like the expressive form, the selection of materials is of the earth – stone, steel, timber and glass – which is repeated throughout in subtle colours and finishes. With similar great care, the landscape is designed to regenerate indigenous flora which will seamlessly connect with the wilderness.

Byron Bay Residence welcomes, inspires and nurtures. Its sense of flow is felt quite literally as light sea breezes move around you, and as you pass through its spaces with ease.

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