There is an increasing global focus on an old and elemental aspect of architecture – that buildings are designed with thermal comfort and well-being in mind, that they embrace fresh air, are warm in winter and cool in summer.

By combining sound architectural principles of orientation and cross-ventilation with today’s sophisticated technologies, a healthy home equates with a successful and liveable home. Rob Mills tunes into the advice of his grandfather, which at its heart states a fundamental truth, ‘Architects’ design spaces for people’.

Experts on the architecture of wellness point to the quality of air indoors as a crucial factor in personal well-being. Sealing building for energy efficiency can create toxic environments and RMA is acutely aware of the need for buildings that are porous and airy and can be opened to the elements.

Combining honest, age-old principles with the strategic use of renewable energies, a passive solar design and non-toxic materials, the building starts with a healthy foundation and a sense of well-being follows.